Mind Hijacking: The Power of Self-Hypnosis

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Brian Hogan

As I continue to self-hypnotize I am discovering that it is like meditation on steroids. It’s not just the power of positive thinking, it’s the superpower of positive thinking.  My eating habits have been completely overhauled without the permission or consent or my will from under 10 sessions over 30 days.  I have not had to make the hard choice to eat healthy since beginning hypnosis. That’s the whole point; the choice has become easy. The hypnotic suggestions are fast-tracked by the technique and go directly to my subconscious mind. That is the exact same part of the mind one is trying to calm, soothe, or access in meditation, but it just takes way longer.  

So I’ve moved on from hypnotizing myself in regards to my eating habits; now onto things like “more self-confidence” and “stop procrastinating”. In fact I’ve only done one session so far with the script to stop procrastinating, and since then I can’t seem to stop posting my content on my blog. I actually want to post it, which is different for me! Hypnosis is like your consciousness gets kidnapped and says “hey, where are you taking me?” Then over time it develops Stockholm Syndrome and just bends to the will of your hypnotic suggestions, no questions asked…and even against its better judgement. The war inside stops, and all parts of myself begin to align. I wouldn’t really want to be kidnapped so let me just say this: self-hypnosis is the most powerful self-improvement tool I’ve ever used, and I’m not holding that secret for ransom. 

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About Brian

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