Beyond My Wildest Imagination

prism light refracted
Brian Hogan

Someone asked me to imagine my wildest and best thing….

And my first thought was “no thanks, I’m zonked.” 

Can imagining make you tired? 

I imagine it can

Like any muscle overused it gets torn and worn and in this case because of all the cognitive function involved in the workout, perhaps even forlorn 

I wonder if I can imagine an imagination so robust that it never tires from imagining that that might be the wildest best thing ever. 

An idea machine right inside my head that was simultaneously inexhaustible and energizing. 

Instead of exhausting and ephemeral. 

Let us put this to the test….what will my wild and best imagination create next? Well, that’s a lot of pressure. 

I guess if this is my wildest imagination, then it might be worth exploring what it means to be wild. 

Uninhibited. Unbridled 

Undefined and undefinable 

Some might say unhinged 

Others might say unglued 

But if a wild stallion channels that passion

We say it is unfairly imbued 

With talent, with gifts, with a rare unique “it” factor

Wild means you aren’t tame yet 

Wild means you don’t have rules or culture or worry about what others in your pack, gaggle, tribe, herd, murder or family think of you. 

Wild means your behavior isn’t so well thought out. Because your impulses don’t come from something so impoverished as mere “thought”, they come from energy, a heart fire so ineffable, trying to explain it seems like a waste of words even though words are infinite. 

If you pour something infinite into a bottomless abyss what do you get?

A river? 

A waterfall? 

A black hole? 

A loop? 

A loophole? 

A paradox?

Where does it end? Does it even have one? 

So my wildest and best thing might just be my wildest imagination, because it contains everything.  

You know like when you find a genie bottle and one of your three wishes has to be for unlimited more wishes. It’s like that. I want my imagination to be just like that. 

Everything I’ve ever dreamed of, I did so in my wildest imagination.

Everything I’ve ever hope for, I did so in my wildest imagination. 

Nothing is beyond it, despite our reductive turns of phrase

And nothing can escape from it. It is my entire world, created and about to be created. 

This is how to not get exhausted while imagining. Stay present with the state of being your imaginings bring you. Stay present now. Imagine now. Enjoy the imagining, know it is yours already. 

So often I look at my imagined creations as failures that have yet to even be, desires so lofty they remind me I am a failure before I even start. But what if instead, these imagined creations were evidence, exhibits A-Z in an open and shut case proving my certain success. Geez, I can only imagine. 

2 Responses

  1. My imagination is my greatest treasure. I use it daily, and I do my best to grow it tall, like a sequoia. The roots are deep, the trunk stretches up high, and the branches are vast. Each leaf is a snapshot of a thousand words in my mind at any given time. Together with other authors we form a giant forest of ideas that shelter other souls wandering among us. I love comparisons, too.

  2. “Wild means you aren’t tame yet.” You just may have uncovered the key to the mechanics of imagination, i. e. boundless creativity: staying untamed.

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About Brian

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