Where Am I Being Judgmental?

three buddhas seeing, hearing and speaking no evil.
Brian Hogan

This week’s prompt in my group of life coach writers was to ask ourselves where we notice judgement and what happens if we get curious about it? We had 12 minutes on the clock to write about it and this is what I wrote:

I notice judgement in my own life when people are being dumb. Hey, I know that sounds judgmental but that’s the prompt so clam down. 

Because sometimes people are so dumb. But I’m not talking about IQ dumb, or grades dumb, I’m talking about critical thinking dumb, believing the government propaganda dumb. 

If everyone you know wants the world to get better, and they do, then why is the world falling apart? The official narrative is that it’s human incompetence and accidental intermittent corruption, as if corruption were the same as being clumsy. 

“oops, sorry, I spilled all that garbage into the ocean, let me just get a napkin.” 


“pardon me, I didn’t mean to drop that many bombs on that many innocent people, my mistake.” 

Well, no. And frankly to believe societies are crumbling because of incompetence is, in my view, the height of stupidity. There is a design. A corrupt and well planned design, in motion for decades and working itself out now in our towns, our governments and our news media, but under the thinly disguised costume of compounding random events. 

Whoops, we have a misogynist in office. 

Whoops, now we have a dementia patient. 

Well, golly, how did that happen? 

By design you dumb fuck. By carefully planned, nasty, dark, evil design. 

And I get it, you don’t want to look at it like that because, scary. I understand, but if all you do is doubt the obvious and thrust your head in the sand

Then you become useless and can’t lend a hand

Or help us return to the land

You are just a spectator adding to the bland and the quicksand. 

We need to wake up. We need to admit there are nefarious plotters who want us all dead and are planning world events to make it so. We need to just get our heads around that.

If we don’t admit this to ourselves their plans succeed. If we do get our heads around it their plans backfire

Because we awaken a holy fire and start to inspire and aspire and a new design can transpire. 

But if we believe this is all happening by chance, just happenstance then we are going to be made to dance, like an exhausted silly bear, getting so much wear and tear that we say jokingly “let’s just leave and go to France.” 

But it’s no better there. 

This corrupt design is global 

And the only thing left that’s noble 

Is deciding to see it. To understand that human nature is bent toward wholeness so if society is crumbling it is not incompetence or individual choices, it is corruption, designed and planned, with all kinds of truth being banned. 

There is a hope in this awful darkness of deliberately designed destruction

Because it is all a pageant, a production

And if we can start to learn how to discern we can make a U-turn 

And the fires of transformation can burn instead of forests and children and middle eastern cities.  

So I judge dummies who think individual choices are to blame for the designs of an elite few as they culminate and isolate and humiliate and alienate. But again, it’s not too late.

We can smarten up, get hip, and right this intentionally sinking ship. The trick is to use this masterminded suffering to wake us up, to change us, to make us smart so we can listen with our heart 

The news is lies. The government is lies

The body is truth, so become a sleuth, 

Even if your new, dangerous, extreme opinion is called uncouth 

Because by banding together we can change the weather, and not like the elite globalist wack-jobs do with technology, but with the energy of our gleaming hearts, wise souls and sound, right critical thought. 

So I judge dumb, and I feel numb, because despite what I’ve just written I also still, very much don’t know shit about shit at all. 

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About Brian

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