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Hack Your Story

Process to Peace,
Freedom, and Joy

Life Story Hacking is a process of transformation. It is for any individual who seeks to “know thyself” better, leading to mental flexibility, self-control, empowerment and ultimately peace, freedom and joy. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it is quite the opposite. It is a careful, practical and experiential method that, when practiced, will allow anyone to change the story of their life, by first changing their unconscious Inner Narrative. You create your reality in your brain first, and then what you expect, believe and resist becomes the content of your physical experience as projected by your mind.

Step 01

Identify Your Inner Narrative

Using Step #1 of the Life Story Hacking process anyone can begin to become aware of their constant Inner Narrative. We all have an Inner Narrative, without exception. This Inner Narrative is made up of one’s auto-pilot emotions, triggers and traumas, conscious thoughts and unconscious underlying beliefs.

As one begins to become more aware of the existence of an Inner Narrative, one begins to find the source of all of their experience of life. 

Step 02

Question Your Inner Narrative

One can then gain the power to question the Inner Narrative, putting some space between them as an identity and their stray thoughts. This ability to question the narrative, to begin to see that not all thoughts are true, is the beginning of real freedom. It may take some practice, but many Life Story Hackers come to understand than not only are some thoughts untrue, but in fact almost all of them are. The story we tell ourselves, whether conscious or unconscious, is often based on assumption and emotion, but we mistake it for the actual truth.

Step 03

Surrender Your Inner Narrative

Once one gains the power of doubt they can learn how to surrender the Inner Narrative to a force more powerful than we are, with more agency and control over the nature, pace and quality of their thinking. The surrendering process is when the fun really begins. This is the stage at which we start to make conscious decisions about what we want to believe, how we want to behave and what type of thoughts we prefer to think. And this is where we learn to lean into what life presents us, to embrace it,  in each and every newly unfolding now moment.

Step 04

Rewrite Your Inner Narrative

Once you experience what it feels like to live surrendered to the present moment, with the power to question your limiting beliefs, you begin to see you can choose how to define everything that happens to you. It may seem impossible to get to a point where you can choose what to think, like choosing desserts at a buffet, but it is possible, even likely, if you decide to hack your life story.

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Life Hacking Story Book and Ebook photo


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