What Does Perfect Rest Look Like?

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Brian Hogan

How Do You Become Perfectly Rested Instead of Consistently Bested? A writing prompt.

If I was perfectly rested I’d be someone entirely different I suppose. 

I’d be brimming with energetic positivity to the chagrin of all my close family who already think I’m waaaaaaayyy to positively energetic for their taste. But it would come even more naturally, more easily, more energetically from a place of wholeness and harmony instead of insistence and insanity.  

I’d be healthier, which really means wealthier. 

I’d be engaged, without even having to think about it, in deep cellular repair. 

I’d be healing instead of reeling

I’d be more feeling instead of dealing with the twists and turns of other peoples whims and wants 

and their inner debutants. 

I’d be the queen of the ball 

because I’d be so rested I’d know more clearly that I already have it all. 

I’d be the icing on the cake 

because I’d have overflowing reserves from which to take 

I’d be the master of my domain 

who’d no longer check his phone for the time when he’s stuck in the rain. 

I’d actually realize sooner how the rain doesn’t even make me feel stuck, but often feels like a stroke of luck 

because it reminds me to rest

to breath in all those kicked up negative ions and feel my best. 

If I was perfectly rested would I ever get tired? 

Or would it be a conscious choice of aligned integrity as to when, each night, I finally retired? 

Would I have more hormones and neurotransmitters so my brain re-wired toward peace and enlightenment and that mystical freedom of knowing separation is an illusion and interconnectedness is the truth. 

Would I have more energy to figure out life’s mysteries, and be less pulled back my fatigue into long gone histories? 

Would I be able to crack more quickly all of life’s puzzles, all of my circumstantial riddles? 

Would I feel more free to dilly-dally, lolly-gag, enjoy the one step back for every two steps forward and play more freely in all of life’s middles? 

Like the creamy center of a frosting filled donut. 

Yes, somehow, I think I would. 

But how, then, do I become this perfectly rested version of myself? 

Does it start with putting all things non-urgent, non-necessary and unaligned on the proverbial shelf? 

While unrested, do I even have the energy to imagine a rested me? Would my imagination become stronger 

so I could create my dreaming and scheming ideal life for even longer? 

I suppose the rested version of me gets built like everything else, slowly and brick by brick… 

Or wait, is that just the problem that it doesn’t get built, 

but it gets unbuilt, 

by dismantling guilt 

and duty and culture and expectations and all the other bricks life has piled on me. 

Is unmaking the wall, brick by brick, the final trick? 

It only takes seconds to destroy what it has taken years to build. 

How can I destroy old habits that keep me on the hamster wheel? Perhaps it’s as simple as hopping off, laying down, shutting my eyes and deciding to just give it all a rest. 

That might be as perfect as it gets. 

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About Brian

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