What Does Perfect Rest Look Like?

sleeping panda

How Do You Become Perfectly Rested Instead of Consistently Bested? A writing prompt. If I was perfectly rested I’d be someone entirely different I suppose.  I’d be brimming with energetic positivity to the chagrin of all my close family who already think I’m waaaaaaayyy to positively energetic for their taste. But it would come even […]

The Next Day Newspaper

man holding newspaper

WRITING PROMPT: What would you do if you get a newspaper delivered to your door every morning and then one day it is the next day’s newspaper, and it tells you what happened today? Here is a little story I wrote based on the prompt above in my Life Coaches Writer’s Group. Enjoy. The skies […]

Where Am I Being Judgmental?

three buddhas seeing, hearing and speaking no evil.

This week’s prompt in my group of life coach writers was to ask ourselves where we notice judgement and what happens if we get curious about it? We had 12 minutes on the clock to write about it and this is what I wrote: I notice judgement in my own life when people are being […]

That Special Morning

autumn in the morning

WRITING PROMPT: Recall a special morning and give us the details. Specific special mornings are hard to pinpoint for me because I luxuriate in mornings, generally speaking.  The morning I had my first day of first grade was special, nerve-wracking, sweaty palmed and fretful.  The morning I started 3rd grade at a brand new school […]

I Have this Hunch that…

magnifying glass and fingerprint

WRITING PROMPT: What do hunches feel like? How do you know which ones to follow? I wonder about hunches.  Are they divine guidance from on high Or a physiological response in our gut from our unusual lunches?  Or pangs from muscle spasms from having done too many crunches?  Hunches feel like a subtle sensation of […]

What I’d Say At My Own Funeral

candle vigil tea lights

WRITING PROMPT: Write a eulogy for yourself, being as honest as you can. What do you have to say for yourself? If Brian were here right now he’d make light of this tragedy. He’d tell you all it’s okay to grieve but to get back to living as soon as possible because he’s gone and […]

How Is The Emergence of Spring Like Your Deepest Desires?

butterfly on orange flower

The emergence of spring is about blossoming and my deepest desire is to come into full bloom. To flourish and then to nourish  The emergence of spring is about warmth and growth and expansion and my deepest desire is to be held warmly, to grow continuously and to expand infinitely Expand into what exactly? Well, […]

Buster’s Broken Umbrella

person walking in rain, black umbrella

WRITING PROMPT: Write a scene where a character confronts one of your worst fears. THE FEAR: I chose the fear of not amounting to anything. The rain wouldn’t stop pouring down that day. Buster, a 37 year old bus driver just finished his route and was walking home. The umbrella caved under the weight of […]

An Intimate Longing…

two horses cuddling

WRITING PROMPT: Write about something you want so badly. What is it? How does it feel? Good emotionally connected sex with a person I feel completely safe with, at home in, and who’s skin electrifies mine.  And not just the sex, but the short-hand familiarity that comes from years in each others mind caverns and […]

My Morning Inner Narrative

man laying in field under moon

I’m too tired to chant today.  But it makes you feel better Yea but you taught a night class, and sleep makes you feel better.  Just chant Its fine if you don’t chant. Well either way you’re not going to feel guilty, that’s just a waste. You’ve evolved past guilt.  Evolution doesn’t mean you don’t […]