A Collection Of Brian's Films

Play Along Film Poster

Play Along

A woman makes her unlikely hostages sing a song but in order to survive, they have to learn to play along.

Indie Short Fest Winner
Bridgeport Film Fest Nominee
Buffalo Dreams Nominee
Woods Hole Official Selection
Skip School Poster

Skip School

Everyone has a first day of high school and everyone has a day that changes their life forever; sometimes those days can be one and the same.

Indie Gathering IFF Winner
NY New Filmmakers Selection
New Haven FF Selection
Tom Death And Harry Poster

Tom, Death & Harry

A man faces the possibility of his own death when he meets Death, a pretty swell guy, who teaches him that it sometimes takes more courage to live.

Indie Gathering FF Best Dark Comedy Award

Award Winner: Best Dark Comedy

Super Stone Movie Poster

The Super Stoned

Based on actual events, this is the story of a group of stoner buddies who hot box a car before the latest superhero epic. Its high time this story was told.

Truth Hurts Movie Poster

The Truth Hurts

Everyone in this family confesses their biggest secret and the results are painfully hilarious.

Indie Gathering IFF 3rd Place Best Screen Pilot

Winner: 3rd Place Best TV Pilot