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Brian does one on one life coaching in the cities of Stratford, Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Easton, Wilton, Weston, Fairfield, Norwalk, and Trumbull, Connecticut

Outside of Southwestern, Connecticut, Brian Coaches his clients via Zoom.

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person walking in rain, black umbrella

Buster’s Broken Umbrella

WRITING PROMPT: Write a scene where a character confronts one of your worst fears. THE FEAR: I chose the fear of not amounting to anything.

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Brian's Journal

An Intimate Longing…

WRITING PROMPT: Write about something you want so badly. What is it? How does it feel? Good emotionally connected sex with a person I feel

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monkey behind a tree

This Might Surprise You But…

WRITING PROMPT: Write about something in your life that might surprise people. How do I know what’s going to surprise anybody else?  I was surprised

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