What is Coaching?

Coaching is support. It is holding space.

It is an alliance between coach and client designed to facilitate the creation and development of personal, professional or career goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.

Coaching Services

1 on 1 Coaching

Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom. Using your own intuition in conjunction with advanced thought dissolving tools together we will discover how to navigate whatever has been holding you back or causing you pain.


Single Session

Mental Story Rewriting

Have you noticed that sometimes it’s like your mind just won’t stop talking to you.  Using the Life Story Hacking process we will work together to re-write that inner narrative in a way that empowers you to live the most fulfilling life possible.


3 Session Journey

(20% Discount)

Imagination Practice

Like any muscle, your imagination gets stronger with use and weaker when neglected. Using specially designed tools to unlock the power of your imagination we will journey deep into the realm of your deepest desires and chart a course for your scary, but fulfilling unknown future. 


3 Session Journey

(20% Discount)

Coaching Helps Clients learn to:

  • Strengthen the muscle of their imagination
  • Dissolve limiting thoughts 
  • Overcome dysfunctional old patterns of behavior
  • Discover and overturn unconscious beliefs 
  • Find and honor their deepest core truth
  • Navigate the accelerating pace of change in our lives
  • Enter a state-of-being pervaded by peace, freedom and joy.  

Coaching For Writers

Brian will work with you via zoom to break through any writer’s block, reinvigorate you with passion and even brainstorm your work with you to get you excited about next steps. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Screenwriting.

Session only: $250/hour
Session + Pre-reading: $400/hour (75 pages max)

THE Mystical Experience

Clients will be put into a light trance using an induction technique. This brainwave state allows clients to enter past lives, future lives, communicate with their higher self, and can even lead to spontaneous healing of all kinds. Sessions consist of a pre-interview, a session, and a short debrief

Price $400
Duration: 2.5-4 hours

Intuitive Reading

Do you sometimes wonder what the higher realms have to say about your life? Do you want a clear direction out of confusion and into your best life? Do you feel like you were meant to do more but you don’t quite know what to change or how to begin?  Then an Intuitive Reading might hold just hold the answers you’re looking for.

Session only: $125/30 Minutes

email envelopes coming from computer

Monthly Email Support

Need a bit of real-time support?

Brian provides genuine thought-dissolving exercise, advice, support and a safe space for clients to communicate and receive guidance and compassion via email as they do vulnerable and challenging self-exploration work. Responses within 24 hours guaranteed. This is a great option for people who have questions come up, but want to keep moving ahead at their own pace as they hack their life story, or go for any wildly improbable goal. Submit your email for more information.

Coaching Testimonials

Online Courses (Coming Soon)

Online Course

Brian is developing an online course around the 5-step Life Story Hacking Process so you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

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Group Coaching Mastermind

7 Weeks Join Brian and 10 other Life Story Hackers in a private group coaching setting (via Zoom) where he will teach on various transformation topics, practice exercises to enable clients to deepen their practice, coach 2 clients weekly, and answer every single question you have every single session.

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