WRITING PROMPT: I Wish I Had (blank) Yesterday!

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Brian Hogan

I don’t know what I wish I had yesterday

Sometimes I just wish I had yesterday back

Or last year, or my 30’s, or my entire broken childhood

And sometimes I don’t want any of that back at all. 

I’d rather look forward, stand tall

And not waste my energy on trying to recall 

But avoiding the past can cause our passion engine to sieze unto our life is stalled 

The past is part of who we are, and it’s never truly that far away, 

So even though it’s yesterday 

It colors today, in every way,

What we say

How or even if we play

If we see things vibrant, or rosy, or dank, dark and grey

If we forgive or try to make others pay

If we mediate or if we pray 

I wish I had clarity yesterday 

I wish I had courage yesterday

I wish I had pizza yesterday, I wait I did that. 

I wish I had trusted myself

And taken my dreams and passions back off the shelf 

They say if wishes and buts were clusters of nuts we’d all have a bowl of granola 

Which just goes to show ya 

That wishing and resisting 

Is like fishing and insisting on certain outcomes 

And when they don’t happen we shake our fists at the sky screaming “how come?”

But who is supposed to answer that for us? 

Is that God listening, or the sunshine, or the universe, or source energy or aliens, angels, or space monkeys 

In the absence of a response from above we become junkies 

Looking for the next dogma or ideology to become flunkies 

Because belonging to a group gives us the illusion of certainty 

Or sureness, or rightness, or safety 

I’m not saying there is no God. I’m asking how we get to know God. 

Do we need to be on our knees, or read tea leaves, or aim to please? 

Or can we go within, to our deep core, our inner knowing at our center,

And find, unexpectedly that’s where we can enter 

Into the mystery of life, a divine relationship with our own broken selves is where healing cascades from and where it returns to. 

So yeah, I wish I had understood all that yesterday.  But the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, they say, and the second best time is now. 

So I wish I had a sapling and soil yesterday, so today I could plant my tree. 

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About Brian

Brian is a Writer, Clarity Coach, Filmmaker and Adjunct Professor who loves teaching and learning, and living in the uncertainty of it all.




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