Sweet Bitterness

lemonade in a glass
Brian Hogan

This poem was the product of a twelve minute writing session with the Stratford Arts Alliance Writers Group that meets every second Saturday. The writing prompt was “making the bitter sweeter.”

Things that are bitter are better when sweet 

But just adding sugar is a bit of a cheat 

The question I ponder is how to sweeten the deal 

Without sprinkling toxic dust on every goddamn meal 

Is there a sweetness in life that we can no longer feel 

Because we’ve sugar-coated it all, like a milkshake made of veal 

Because I don’t know about you but that sounds disgusting

And I’d rather not eat it, I’d rather drive in my mustang 

Does a nicer car add sweetness to a bitter man’s life 

Or is stuff a distraction that amplifies strife 

I dream of the house, and the 2.5 kids 

and the dog and the fences

But that dream’s hit the skids. 

Mainly because I’m a homo so kids aren’t too likely 

Unless they belong to someone else, and are imported like Nike’s 

And I don’t have a dog or any white fences 

And I’ve dealt with my share of confused sideways glances 

Being myself is the sweetest thing I can do 

It’s hard, and it’s easy and it’s an ongoing thing

But I’m marrying myself, and keeping the ring.  

Being wholly myself seems to make others bitter. 

But fuck that, I don’t care, I’ll just roast them on twitter.  

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About Brian

About Brian

Brian is a Writer, Clarity Coach, Filmmaker and Adjunct Professor who loves teaching and learning, and living in the uncertainty of it all.




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