Inner Voices

chair in empty room
Brian Hogan

Nobody noticed when my identity got lost

After all it’s not their problem, for they don’t bear the cost

Plus if you look over you’ll see me sitting in that chair

But if you look a little closer you’ll see I’m not even there

I chased the dreams of others and chased a penny for myself

Carried out my marching orders like a good and proper elf

I should have noticed sooner; I wish I’d spoken up

but all these should’s and wishes will never fill my cup

I clear away the pebbles and unearth my buried center

My destiny is calling out “let all ye who hear me enter”

When I begin to honor my deepest passions will I find

a deeper joy of being, leaving suffering behind?

If I risk it all, on this hail mary of a dream

Oh Universe can you guarantee me that I won’t lose my steam

Can you reassure me that I’m going to be just fine

Be honest, because I’ll know if you’re just feeding me a line

Quietly I listen for some kind of mystical reply

something unmistakeable on which I can rely

but there are no guarantees in life, just moments and choices

Those who find their happiness heed their inner voices

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About Brian

About Brian

Brian is a Writer, Clarity Coach, Filmmaker and Adjunct Professor who loves teaching and learning, and living in the uncertainty of it all.




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