Describe the Most Beautiful Smell I’ve Ever Smelled (A Sensory Piece)

clove and fruit slices
Brian Hogan

Baking bread

Or that first waft of sugary cold air when you go into a candy shop. Not the ones in the mall, but the ones in cute downtowns that have nothing but candy, and at least 100 different shades of chocolate. 

Or rain about to come. 

Or the neighborhood during the rainstorm. 

Or the pavement after the rain. The warm, dank, mysterious steam, a fragrance of childhood mixed with danger with a dash of nostalgia to round out the aromatic notes. 

Or Thanksgiving day just about 30 minutes before dinner is served, when the red wine gravy is being finished and the sides are being warmed up again. 

Pumpkin spice candles 

And the pipes of old men remembering stories of when they were young men. Can laughter have a smell? 

If it does it smells something like burning autumn leaves mixed with sugar and rosemary, yeah, rosemary. That’s what laughter smells like. With a raspberry aftertaste. 

If smell had an aftertaste the aftertaste of the smell of laughter would definitely be raspberries. Did you follow all of that? Well, try and keep up.

Roasting garlic. 


Coffee. Ill concede it has a good smell, a great smell. But it tastes gross and anyone who says otherwise has been brain washed. They call it an acquired taste because you had to go through psychological programming of “being an adult” and addicting yourself to caffeine just to finally be like “yeah, coffee good.”  If you have to go through mental acrobatics to learn to like something then that something is inherently not good. Or you would not have to be taught how to like it. 

Or fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. They smell awesome. Poison for the arteries though so there’s that.  Wow, smells bring up a lot of conflict for me. Something fishy about that. 

Something else for my someday shrink to sink his chiseled jaw into I suppose.  And yes he would have a chiseled jaw because that’s why I chose him. 

Anyway focus. Smells. Sweet cologne on freshly showered man skin. 

Honey suckle. 


A crackling fire

The smell of accomplishment, you know the one, a mix of sweaty gym socks and fresh spring air

Or the smell of success, air conditioner mixed with expensive furniture polish. 

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