WRITING PROMPT: “The Least Favorite Part of My Living Space”

attic with round window

On the tomb of Hermes reads the inscription “As above so below, as within so without.” The esoteric meaning behind this is that our outer worlds and experiences are a direct reflection of our inner worlds and experiences. So one tool we use in life coaching is called “The Living Space Tool” where I will […]

Far Away Storms

far off storm in sky

Everyone who comes to visit me seems to comment on just how beautiful this town is. I’m glad, because I keep forgetting. All of my life I’ve been a little—shall we say—particular; so even though I live in a town that is known throughout Orange County to have the ‘best climate in the whole state […]

Mind Hijacking: The Power of Self-Hypnosis

tree and pink sunset

As I continue to self-hypnotize I am discovering that it is like meditation on steroids. It’s not just the power of positive thinking, it’s the superpower of positive thinking.  My eating habits have been completely overhauled without the permission or consent or my will from under 10 sessions over 30 days.  I have not had […]

Fractal Consciousness

fractal in bright colors

I read a book a while back aptly called ‘The Convoluted Universe’ written by a past life regression therapist named Dolores Claiborne who reports to have taken people back to all manner of adventurous lives, both here on earth, and on other planets and realms at the far reaches of the universe. She claims to […]

My Life is My Story

blank open book

As a writer, a blogger, I live life exposed; so I don’t have the luxury of regretting any of my choices.  Hopefully, in the din of my dramas and delusions, I tell myself, I can transform my latest blunder into a blog post; my latest lapse in judgement into lasting impact for someone else.  So, […]

The Reason For Rain

city street through rainy glass

A quarter of a century has gone by for me, and sitting on a plane on the way to London for the wedding of an old friend all I can seem to do is check out the hot guy waiting to use the men’s room five cramped rows in front of me.  There was a […]