If I Were A Ghost…

Ghost in a tree

IF I WERE A GHOST… Could I still be haunted?  Could I still be daunted?  And I would still get all jealous and sour when people flaunted their shiny objects and expensive trinkets?  It’s hard to imagine, but I tend to think it’s  quite possible that a ghostly existence comes with similar pitfalls  and challenges […]

Beyond My Wildest Imagination

prism light refracted

Someone asked me to imagine my wildest and best thing…. And my first thought was “no thanks, I’m zonked.”  Can imagining make you tired?  I imagine it can Like any muscle overused it gets torn and worn and in this case because of all the cognitive function involved in the workout, perhaps even forlorn  I […]

What Inspires Awe?

lightening strike in purple

In my writer’s group of fellow Wayfinder Coaches we were given the following prompt by a fellow coach: PROMPT: What brings you a sense of awe in your life and environment? What Inspires Awe? Volcanoes inspire awe Unless they are on a post card, then they’re awful. Babies being born inspire awe Unless they’re on […]

WRITING PROMPT: “To Be Continued”

road signs that say "to be continued"

To be continued means we want your attention The story’s not over, there’s a twist, did I mention She has an evil twin from another dimension To be continued means you tune in watch next week Because she’s pregnant and kidnapped down by the creek And her lover was a con artist, a regular sneak  […]

A Peek Into the Future

tarot cards spread out

I facilitate a writer’s group with the Stratford Arts Alliance that meets every second Saturday of the month. In April one of the prompts was to “imagine what it would be like if you could peek into the future.” My ramblings are below: I don’t want to look, I’m afraid of what’s out there  In […]

My Morning Inner Narrative

man laying in field under moon

I’m too tired to chant today.  But it makes you feel better Yea but you taught a night class, and sleep makes you feel better.  Just chant Its fine if you don’t chant. Well either way you’re not going to feel guilty, that’s just a waste. You’ve evolved past guilt.  Evolution doesn’t mean you don’t […]

WRITING PROMPT: “Something Small that Leads to Positive Change”

sapling in hand

Something small that lead to positive change is every single baby who ever did something worthwhile in their lives… Like, I don’t know, learning to walk, or laughing with joy Or holding their head up and keeping their food down.  Something small that lead to positive change is every molecule that ever mattered or became […]

WRITING PROMPT: “If I Knew It Would Turn Out Right I Would…”

series of pocket watches

If I knew it would turn our right I would tell more people about my Hollywood dreams.  I would not second guess the value of making fictional TV stories. I would have more fun in the pursuit of the things I long to do more of. I might do community theatre. I’d spend more time […]