WRITING PROMPT: I Wish I Had (blank) Yesterday!

gold watch on book

I don’t know what I wish I had yesterday Sometimes I just wish I had yesterday back Or last year, or my 30’s, or my entire broken childhood And sometimes I don’t want any of that back at all.  I’d rather look forward, stand tall And not waste my energy on trying to recall  But […]

Creating An Ideal Future…A Spoken Word

glittery wormhole in space

The idea of an ideal future appeals to me greatly. Ideal in the sense that is the best one possible.   Who doesn’t want the best thing possible. Its probable to say perhaps everyone wants the best of all possibilities But what happens when possibilities seems to be drowned out by inevidibilities Like government control  […]

If My Worst Fears Came True It Would Mean…?

creepy hands in window

From a writing prompt: If my worst fears came true it would mean I’m 67, alone, dying, impoverished, publicly humiliated, and universally scorned. And it would be pervasive. You’d be risking your reputation just to come visit me.  There would be wholly unflattering dick picks of me online that somehow make me look smaller than […]

Describe the Most Beautiful Smell I’ve Ever Smelled (A Sensory Piece)

clove and fruit slices

Baking bread Or that first waft of sugary cold air when you go into a candy shop. Not the ones in the mall, but the ones in cute downtowns that have nothing but candy, and at least 100 different shades of chocolate.  Or rain about to come.  Or the neighborhood during the rainstorm.  Or the […]

Something I Can’t Live Without Is…?

water droplet

Something I can’t live without is inspiration.  Well, I can, but the living is grayer, heavier, less inspiring.  I come alive when I get a visit from the muse Coursing with energy from the newly lit fuse  I get excited about the ideas and visions about to take shape  Its all I want to talk […]

If I Started Aging Backwards My New Goals Would Be…

upside down city scape

If I started aging backwards my new goals would be hard to pin down.  Would I be the subject of a media frenzy because I’m the first real life Benjamin Button? Or is this a world where aging backwards is a thing sometimes, so there’s no media outcry, but just an existential dilemma about my […]

Glancing At God (The Cat’s Meow)

cat looking up

Based on a writing prompt: “The Cat’s Meow” I look up, a mix of startled and befuddled, like a stunned cat.  This cat looks up through glass the way I imagine myself looking up though my limits directly at God, if such a thing is dared.  Almost like I looked up to defy but defiance […]

What if…Time Were An Illusion?

space whirl pool galaxy

If time was an illusion it would mean I’m not getting older I’m just getting creakier  It would mean there’s no such thing as being on time, which seems even freakier  It would mean nobody dies young, and you can never show up late  It means nobody peaked too early, and there’s nothing left but […]

Baby Steps To Adult Growth

baby footprint in sand

*From a writing prompt in my monthly writer’s group. I am in my infancy still when it comes to adult growth.  Can an infant even take baby steps, or would those still be way too large for me?  Ego growth, denial growth, willful ignorance growth, now those I excel at. In that sense I’ve really […]