Sweet Bitterness

lemonade in a glass

This poem was the product of a twelve minute writing session with the Stratford Arts Alliance Writers Group that meets every second Saturday. The writing prompt was “making the bitter sweeter.” Things that are bitter are better when sweet  But just adding sugar is a bit of a cheat  The question I ponder is how […]

Passing Understanding, Finding Peace

brass bowl

When asked to contemplate my special place  My first reaction is to go external  To pick my hammock or my reading corner Where I curl up with my leather bound journal  But that first reaction is not my true instinct  For that instinct has been covered by culture  Re-programmed and repeated to,  A media messaging […]

There Is Just No Comparison (A New Way Of Using the Power of Metaphor)

northern lights in forest

In my coaching practice I use the power of metaphor with my clients to help them unlock creativity by bringing together unusal ideas in unexpected ways. As taught in her coach training program by my mentor and sociologist Martha Beck, you can compare a pain point, or area of suffering in your life to anything […]

WRITING PROMPT: “The Least Favorite Part of My Living Space”

attic with round window

On the tomb of Hermes reads the inscription “As above so below, as within so without.” The esoteric meaning behind this is that our outer worlds and experiences are a direct reflection of our inner worlds and experiences. So one tool we use in life coaching is called “The Living Space Tool” where I will […]

Embodying My Dream Self (The Dream Analysis Coaching Tool In Action)

colorful backdrop with the word "dream"

In my coaching practice I have sometimes used the Dream Analysis Tool taught by Martha Beck in her Wayfinder Coach Training program and as outlined in her book Finding Your Own North Star. The way it works is you write down your dream. Then you write down the dream and either on your own or […]

Winter Mood

snowy landscape with trees

Snow covered potential Like drenched frozen meadows thaws slowly, if at all Potential is essential but frozen it becomes tangential  A side kick in the comic instead of the dashing lead  The power is atomic but encased in ice it starts to bead Water droplets douse my soul  As the frost around my hot dreams […]

Who Chooses My Choices

a vice grip

“Self Improvement” Culture poses a question:  How would I like my personality and behavior to change?  Well, skating past the implied insult about my inadequacy as I am I will attempt to answer  This question that feels like cancer.  This is a topic I normally would avoid altogether  You see, I like to think I’m […]

The Do No Harm Alarm

hands holding alarm clock

I wish an alarm would notify me whenever someone tried to manipulate me Whenever they lied, whenever they used my guilt or shame to leverage my compliance. Whenever they gaslit or throat slit or in my face spit.  But a silent alarm of course, because you don’t warn a narssicist  I wish an alarm would […]

Hallmarks of Worthiness

piles of greeting cards

Writing Prompt: Write about something presently in your life that is worth it.  Hallmarks of Worthiness I’m told to write about something worth it.  “Like gold?” I think to myself. “No no, something presently in my life”, I’m told.  “Oh,” I laugh, because I certainly don’t have any gold.  What do I have that’s worth […]

Broken Lives

broken windshield

Are there parts of my life that feel totally broken?  Things I can’t swallow, or things that I’m chokin’  down to my stomach like mom’ soggy spinach  That make me wish 2020 would vanish?  When I think of my dreams, many unspoken Or my successes that seem like merely a token I am pressed down […]