DAY 200: Moon Gazing: A New Moon & A Solar Eclipse

yellow sun and tree branck
Brian Hogan

Tonight marks the first day of a new moon cycle, and it also happens to be a solar eclipse. In addition today is a Thursday, the day ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and prosperity. So with such a nexus of positive energy, naturally my neighbors and I decided to do a prosperity spell. We’ve taken to calling ourselves a coven. We wrote our desires down on papers, said some prayerful words under the moonlight and joined hands. We set fire to our papers and as we did this we chanted an impromptu incantation “as the light of the moon increases so our fortunes will increase.” It happened naturally, organically, we didn’t plan what to say, and didn’t plan on saying anything at all. I imagine it was like this for the witches of Salem, experimenting with their own power and trying to harness the forces of nature. But in our case without the suspicion of all the villagers and torturous death by fire. The only thing dying by fire tonight is the paper our dreams are written on. And as the paper goes up in flame I imagine it has set my dream free from the prison of the page, from the dungeon of my mind, where it can grow. Free now to take shape, to form itself, and to come back to me in whatever form it wishes. It’s as if I have given my dreams a life, a purpose, indeed, a will of their own. When my dreams return to me in the form of manifestation, I will know in a way more deeply than I do now that dreams really can come true. Schmaltzy maybe, but simple, profound, and real. 

SIDE EFFECTS: The sun crosses any boundary to shake you into a deeper awareness of life. 

BENEFITS: You start to experience a deeper awareness of life. 

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About Brian

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