The Sweaty Warmth of Skin & Sun (A Sensory Piece)

bokeh orange lights on rainy glass
Brian Hogan

WRITING PROMPT: Describe the most vivid texture you’ve ever touched or felt.

I can’t decide between the thin sheet of warm sunshine on my sweaty skin post marathon or the warm sweaty skin of 35 year old male lover muscles after a hot shower. 

Both generate heat. Both knock me off my feet, but in different ways. 

One touches me during the daytime and one slides in at night. 

One of these textures comes from a million miles away 

And one snuggles right up and holds me tight. 

One of these sensations can cause a burning on my skin 

And the other one causes burning too, but that’s a fire deep within 

The sun that hits cold wet skin feels like an immersion, a comforting, an invisible electric blanket on a cool spring day when all you want to do is rest in the muscle-y arms of your lover and watch the sunset one last time as you trade one feeling of warmth for the other.  The warmth on my skin giving way to warm skin. 

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About Brian

Brian is a Writer, Clarity Coach, Filmmaker and Adjunct Professor who loves teaching and learning, and living in the uncertainty of it all.




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