Embodying My Dream Self (The Dream Analysis Coaching Tool In Action)

colorful backdrop with the word "dream"

In my coaching practice I have sometimes used the Dream Analysis Tool taught by Martha Beck in her Wayfinder Coach Training program and as outlined in her book Finding Your Own North Star. The way it works is you write down your dream. Then you write down the dream and either on your own or […]

The Hang Nail in the Law of Attraction

hands holding crystal, red jacket

“Positive thoughts attract positive things and negative thoughts attract negative things” feels like a grand oversimplification.  “I have a hang nail” could be a thought.  “I am not good enough” is another thought, but with an added dimension of  judgement.  “I worry that you’ll get sick” is yet another thought, but this time a new […]

Tired of Outrage & Sick to Death of Fear

outraged and fearful faces

Is anyone else tired of outrage and sick to death of fear? I know I am.  But we do live in a very unsettling time, don’t we?  This time on earth is a time of great transition, where governments are crumbling, air is dirty, politics are dirty, and our minds have become so dirty. This […]

How “The News” Became Bad News and Now It’s Just Old News

nightly news meme

We as a species have been infatuated with ‘the news’ since ancient times. Once upon a time referred to as tidings, often simply called gossip, and in the last hundred years or so referred to as ‘current events’, the news has always really just been short-hand for ‘the newest stuff’; and across the globe humanity […]

Night Time v. Play Time: The Real War for Freedom

the word "play" in blocks

There is a war being waged every day.  A war for peace and for autonomy.  This violent and sometimes messy struggle pervades our society; nobody is safe, especially women and children.  If you think you’ve remained unscathed then you are not a parent, and you must have blocked the terrors of childhood from your mind.  […]

Unclehood: The Chronicles of a Brand New Uncle

kids blocks spell out unclehood

Unclehood (unk-al-hud):  1. (n) All the fun of parenthood, with none of the parenting.  2. (n) A second childhood when you’re all grown up. Technically speaking you could say I became an uncle 569 days ago when Charlie was born.  But I didn’t feel anything. My sister did though, as she was basically ripped in […]

Smoke & Mirrors: Slight of Hand About a Magical Plant

healing cannabis oils and caps

There is major confusion surrounding many aspects of the ubiquitous, yet seriously misunderstood botanical phenomenon knows as Mary Jane, or in the stodgier circles of the laboratory: Cannabis Sativa Afghanica Indica Cunningham—or Pot for short. I intend to clear away some of the smoke and lay out some of the cold hard facts. The confusion […]

A Weekend In London Smoking Fags

big ben through rainy glass

I am sitting in a bus terminal at the Stansted Airport on the outskirts of London waiting to return home from a friend’s wedding.  I was here less than 48 hours ago. My jet lag is just now beginning to rectify itself and I am going to careen through the time zones again making my […]