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Brian Hogan

A blog on Sun-Gazing, what the hell is that? Sounds like some hippie shit, right? Well that’s more or less right, but now it’s hippie shit backed by NASA. I read an article quoting “NASA research” recently that says sun-gazing can give you super human abilities (link to articles below). It boldly claims that we could learn to fly, or to read minds, or to heal others with our hands if only we tilted our gaze ever upwards toward the sun. It’s not even as poetic as that, there’s a whole time interval schedule to follow and a protocol for your feet, but we’ll get into that in a minute. And we aren’t talking about shaman’s in Peru who look up at the sun all day and can float an inch off the ground in some youtube video, we’re talking about toxic, regular, grumpy consumers like you and me. These claims are so attractive and alluring that I decided to find out the truth for myself. 

I am a gay male in my 30‘s living in West Hollywood with a burning desire to be whole and a burning sensation in my pee that I’m hoping the sun can fix for me (not really though!). This article claims that by 3 months we will lose all worry, tension, and any negative aspect of our personality will be healed. We will feel a self confidence like we’ve never had. And, it went on to say, that within 6-7 months our bodies would be physically healed of every conceivable disease or ailment we could think of. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know I could use that kind of free medical care. Emotionally and mentally I know I can sometimes be an asshole (but only when I don’t get my way) and if gazing at the sun can “cure” me of that, I’m thinking it’s worth the old college try. And physically I have weak gums (according my dentist, but what does he know?) and chronic asthma that has been with me since birth. If taking a good long look at the fireball up in the sky that gives life to everything can give my lungs and gums back their vitality, well, let’s just say I have to know for sure one way or the other. So I’m embarking on a quest, an experiment, if you will, to find out the truth about that sphere of energy up there, silent in the sky, that makes everything possible without saying a word. I am a dogged detective, on the case. I am the Veronica Mars of Sun-Gazing, if you will. Ok, I wouldn’t either; but I will find out the truth and report my experiences and findings as I discover and know them. 

And that’s not even the best part! By 9 months, according to the article, we will lose all need for food! That’s fucking weird right? But do you know what that could mean? No more ridiculous diets because no more eating! Talk about going right to the source of a problem. And I’m guessing no more pooping, but that’s sort of a side perk, not the main goal. The theory is that the vegetables we eat get their energy from the sun, and we get it from the veggies, so we are basically taking it in directly through our eyes and cutting out the middle man–food. I have wanted to look smokin’ hot and have super powers ever since I can remember. So once I finished that article I knew I’d found my quest. I didn’t have a father to speak of growing up, which mom loves to remind me about, and somewhere in the jungle of my childhood I fell in love with superman and wonder woman, a fictional standard to strive for that showed me I had power inside and could handle anything the jungle could dish out. And, bottom line: I really really believed them! So it’s time for them to make good! My friend and kundalini yoga teacher Brett is embarking on this journey along side me. He will fly. I will read minds. And all we have to do is stare at the sun. So obviously I’m gonna do what anyone who has always wanted superpowers from the time he could say “golden lasso” would do, I’m going to gaze at that mother-fucking sun! 

I am following a regimen from the article that recommends 10 seconds of sun gazing a day and every day increasing the time by 10 seconds. So on day 3 you stare for 30 seconds and on day 60 you stare for over five minutes and so on until you reach 264 days which is 9 months. By that time you are staring at the sun 44 minutes a day. This must be done at the first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset and if you skip a day it messes up some shit “vibrationally” and you have to go back three days and keep going forward. And you have to do this entire gazing thing barefoot and on natural ground like sand, dirt, or grass, to make sure you are electro-magnetically connected to the planet, but what am I saying, everybody knows that. The procedure recommended is for 9 months, the length of a human gestation period. Am I pregnant and being birthed into a new era of life? I hope not because eww–but I also know that I am, I’m coming into a new chapter, crying, glowing, afterbirth and all. Come along for the ride. I will be supplementing my hands on practical research (the gazing) by reading a few books on the subjects of sun-gazing, healing, mother earth, etc. and as that reading informs my experiment I will include it on these pages. I’ll be posting an update almost every day chronicling my experiment to heal myself and to gain the superpowers that are my birthright through the simple intuitive and ancient technology of gazing at the sun. You’ll either find me in nine months a mystic and a hero or a blind gay yogi wandering the streets of Hollywood muttering about a sunshine blog I started last year. 
SIDE NOTE: I have a little confession to make here, I also chant. It’s not strange, Julia Roberts even does it Eat Pray Love, and I’ve been doing that for the last 40 days from 4-6 am just before the sun sneaks up. I will be going straight from there to the peak of the canyon to gaze at the sunrise. In the interest of scientific (and I use that term loosely) purity I wanted to include my chanting here as it may have an amplifying effect on the gazing. Or not. We’ll see. But now you know. So. There it is. Yup, I chant. Can we move on? 

SIDE EFFECTS: each day as things progress I will update this section with anything that comes up that I perceive as a drawback

BENEFITS: So far, seeing a beautiful sunrise. And starting a blog. 


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