DAYS 178-185: 19 Minutes & 20 Seconds of Gazing

dark orange sun glow on water
Brian Hogan

Right after determining that I was becoming unstoppable (see previous post) I skipped gazing for two days straight because I felt too tired and lazy. In fairness to myself I worked a 10 hour day both of those days and I would have had to sneak up to the mountain top and gaze during work hours. On the other hand I work for myself and answer to nobody so I totally could have done that. Finally on Sunday I gazed, and as usual the experience was peaceful and filled with warmth. I have gazed steadily for the past three nights. 

Now something else has shifted. The bright burning white quality of the sun 30 minutes before sundown seems only like a dim gold to me now. Either my eyes have really begun to adjust to the light or somebody turned the sun down a notch this week. Drinking in the suns rays feels like splashing hot water on my face initially for a few minutes, almost too bright to sustain my gaze. This week, even though I actually started ten minutes earlier than usual (so the sun should have been even brighter) the sun was dimmer, more golden, more welcoming, like a ball of melted honey inviting me to drink my fill at ease. 

SIDE EFFECTS: Our eyes do seem to be able to become conditioned.

BENEFITS: I can drink in almost 20 minutes of light without so much as a squint.

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About Brian

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