DAY 186: 19 Minutes & 30 Seconds of Gazing

CT morning sunrise glow
Brian Hogan

I’ve been reading this Eckhart Tolle book called A New Earth in which he describes how to transcend our ego, emerge into a sense of timelessness and end all of our mental and emotional suffering. I’ve been gobbling it up like crazy. Tolle quotes a beautiful story told by Indian philosopher and spiritual teacher J. Krishnamurti in which he addresses his audience one evening by unexpectedly asking “do you want to know my secret?” Um, I’m thinking yeah! Here it comes: the secret to a deep transcendent experience of life, indeed the key to life itself! You could hear a pin drop as everyone waited with bated breath to hear what pearl of wisdom would come next from the master’s lips. “This is my secret,” Krishnamurti finally says, “I don’t mind what happens.” And I started thinking, wow, I’m actually feeling like that at the moment. I described my current state of being to my friend Ben and he brought up J Krishnamurti himself, confirming to me in the way The Great Whatever out there likes to do that I am on the right path and making good choices. 

The gaze was peaceful and soothing again. I think my eyes have shifted into a place of being more in tune with the sun. This has happened at a time when I have given up meat as well again so I’m not sure if they are related, but in the interest of scientific purity I wanted to include it here. I’m meatless for about two weeks now, and I’m also better able to tolerate the sun. 

SIDE EFFECTS: My circumstances have continued to rock and rage as if being tossed like driftwood on a stormy sea. 

BENEFITS: I feel more at peace and tranquil even within the storm of my circumstances. I don’t react, I integrate. It’s pretty neat. 

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About Brian

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