WRITING PROMPT: “Something Small that Leads to Positive Change”

sapling in hand
Brian Hogan

Something small that lead to positive change is every single baby who ever did something worthwhile in their lives…

Like, I don’t know, learning to walk, or laughing with joy

Or holding their head up and keeping their food down. 

Something small that lead to positive change is every molecule that ever mattered or became matter

Like the building blocks of life, nearly invisible, mostly empty space, 

And yet somehow they create everything, 

they are everything 

Something small that lead to positive change is every single lone voice that spoke up about something just because they knew they had to

Like Rosa Parks, creating sparks 

Or Martin L. King with his big big dream 

Or that single girl that stood her ground and stopped a tank in its tracks

Something small that lead to positive change is every single breath I take

Because they never fail me, they just exhale me 

And with the grace of air, living surrounded by exactly what I need to survive

I actually can thrive

Something small that lead to positive change is every spider that ate a mosquito carrying malaria 

Or every hand that rubbed the back of somebody with hysteria 

Every calming word, especially those teeny tiny one syllable words

Like, I don’t know, love, joy, peace, fuck, try, yes, no, hi, be, and give. 

Or every single small tear ever cried, or every time I little white lied 

when I thought I was embodying love even if it was a mistake

Because my small mistakes create the ocean waves that somehow, miraculously, graciously, unconditionally, can end up smoothing the rough edges of somebody else’s suffering, 

Like sea glass made from a drunk man’s trash. 

Something small that lead to positive change is the minute before this one, and the second that comes after, because 

Every second I use to put my fulfillment first is a teeny tiny moment I can let my heart burst 

And shed of all of culture’s restrictions 

And drop all of my dogma and benedictions 

And I find myself waiting there in every minuscule moment 

The small things add up to big things and I don’t know how it happens 

Or why it happens 

But I know it’s orchestrated by a pervading conscious benevolent love that is made of oxygen and time and everything we see in this huge expansive wide world 

And that knowing, that revelation, for me, is truly no small thing at all. 

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About Brian

About Brian

Brian is a Writer, Clarity Coach, Filmmaker and Adjunct Professor who loves teaching and learning, and living in the uncertainty of it all.


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