What Inspires Awe?

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Brian Hogan

In my writer’s group of fellow Wayfinder Coaches we were given the following prompt by a fellow coach:

PROMPT: What brings you a sense of awe in your life and environment?

What Inspires Awe?

Volcanoes inspire awe

Unless they are on a post card, then they’re awful.

Babies being born inspire awe

Unless they’re on tv sitcoms, they they’re awful

Lightening strikes are awesome

Unless they’re in a blog photo, then they’re awful

Weddings inspire awe, 

Wait, who am I kidding, no they don’t. 

They’re just kind of boring and lead to snoring

Or lots of drinking and overthinking 

Funerals don’t inspire awe but dead bodies seem to. 

Birds flying in formation are awesome

Planes flying in formation are awesome

The pyramid rock formations are awesomer still

But what is most awesome of all is brave people breaking formation

Dropping the etiquette like they’re all wasps from Connecticut 

And forgetting their manners and burning their day planners 

Violence inspires awe

And in this noisy world so does silence 

Fear and tragedy inspire awe

And punch you right in the jaw 

But there is one most obvious truth, so plain it seems almost mundane 

But it is truly true every second if our awareness can remain… The truth is the fact that life itself is alive. 

A field of experience thinking, and reasoning, and aligning on purpose for our highest good. 

Until we get in the way and short circuit this awesome process of living in the present moment. 

Life conspires, deliberately, to bring us fulfillment. It seems awesome to me, absolutely awesome that life is this responsive, this benevolent, this persistent and consistent and insistent. 

And yet, we find it all so easy to forget, to disbelieve, to write off as fairy tales and adventure stories. 

How awesome to be living in the middle of our very own adventure story, with life as our ally, our faithful sidekick, our trusty steed, or consigliere, our beloved, and being blind to it the entire time….that is so incalculably hard to understand that I find it simply inspires a sense of awe. 

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About Brian

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