What Are You Saying A Resounding “Yes” To?

Scrabble tiles spell "yes"
Brian Hogan

Geez, I don’t know. 

First thing that comes to mind is that I’m saying yes to being broken. 

I have a broken tail bone and I’m embracing this down time. I’m going with the flow, learning and growing, right? 

Or am I simply escaping into television and cannabis? 

Am I crawling out my life and into someone else’s? 

Am I crawling out my mind and letting the plant float me up away from my problems? 

Or am I being too hard on myself? 

How do you “face your demons” when everyone knows demons are too scary to look at? 

Um, that’s why we have television, dummy. 

So we can look at that instead.  

Higher Self: Yeah, but sometimes the TV has demons on it? 

That’s different, those demons are fake, and mostly always loose, so it’s good. 

HS: And some would say the TV itself is demonic? 

Okay, well I think things have the meaning we give them. 

HS: Yeah, but I mean, the emf waves that come off your TV. The CIA released declassified docs saying that the waves from old TUBE tvs can be used to effect the nervous system of humans. 


HS: Yep. 

So what am I supposed to do, say “no” to TV now too? 

HS: Yep. 

I’m supposed to be thinking of something to say “yes” to, though, remember. 

HS: Say “yes” to your health. 

Ooof, I felt that one. And I just realized, saying “yes” to my health might mean saying “no” to other things, but the YES is larger and more long term and more important than all the “NO’s” that get me there. 

HS: Yes!  

*Brian blushes at his higher self.  

So wait, tho, are you saying I have to stop watching all TV? 

HS: No, I’m saying that when you saying “no” to some things you love, realize that it is because you are saying yes to something else far more intangible, but often far more important to you. You’re in a physical body so the immediate is always more palpable to you. But the long term, the small changes over time that lead to massive changes in who you are and how you live, those are where joy is deep and everlasting.  

You kinda lost me. 

HS: I’m saying believe in yourself. Be gentle with your self. Make piles of small changes. And when you find yourself lamenting too many “no’s”, try and remember the larger aspect of your new life that you are really saying yes to in that moment. 

Um, examples please: 


When you say no to sugar you say yes to fitness. 

When you say no to grudges you say yes to tranquility. 

When you say no to certainty you say yes to exploration and discovery. 

When you say no to a night out you say yes to rested body. 

When you say no to an old habit you say yes to a new one. 

Okay, that’s pretty clear.  

HS: I thought so, yes! 

So what am I saying a resounding yes to right now? 

HS: From my perspective you are saying yes to expansion, yes to trusting the divine, to having faith in the design and to no longer being bashful about how brightly you know how to shine. 

But what does that look like practically? 

HS: I think you know. 

I want you to say it. 

HS: It means you own your struggles, and your journey, and you share it, and know that any rejection is really our protection against whatever isn’t meant for you. 

That’s very scary.  

HS: Do you think you can say a resounding yes to it. 

Nope. Not yet. I can say yes, but whether it ends up being resounding or not, I’ll surrender that to you. 

HS: Perfect, now you’re gettin’ it. 

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About Brian

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