Existing Infinitely (Verbing Adverbally: The ‘Core Values’ Coaching Tool In Action)

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Brian Hogan

In Martha Beck’s new book The Way Of Integrity she talks about using a verb + adverb phrase to discover your core values. For example it might be living (the verb) and courageously (the adverb), or loving fully, or chewing quietly (that’s one I’m still trying to master).

In a writer’s group I belong to that is populated by fellow Wayfinder Coaches one of them suggested we use the model of a verb + adverb phrase to do a writing prompt to help us uncover our core values as a coach and a human being. You can check out what I came up with below in the 12 minutes we get to write in that group! That twelve minutes flies by faster than a Sessna crashing into the sea. Try combining a verb adverb phrase that represents a core value for you, and write about it. Then let me know in the comments how it went.

Much Love Life Story Hackers.

Existing Infinitely 

The culturally acceptable:

Living Selflessly 

Caring Feverishly 

Obeying Politely 

Disagreeing Cautiously with out raising your voice 

The culturally encouraged: 

Proving Endlessly 

Achieving Relentlessly 

Boasting Subtly 

Giving Mindlessly to the non-profit of your choice 

From a broken place: 

Frittering Aimlessly 

Struggling Constantly 

Ruminating Involuntarily 

People Pleasing Perpetually while making very little noise 

From a place of privilege: 

Spending Carelessly 

Eating Mindlessly

Commenting Blindly 

Learning Slowly and having it all explained twice 

From a place of victimhood: 

Suffering Silently 

Blaming Utterly 

Deteriorating Steadily 

Dying Regretfully, without every rolling the dice 

My deepest truth:  

Enjoying Wholeheartedly 

Luxuriating Ferociously 

Relaxing Deliberately 

Entertaining Consciously, because wouldn’t that be nice? 

My improbable dream:
Influencing Humbly 

Prospering Completely 

Mastering Peacefully 

Teaching and Serving and eating pizza by the slice 

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