Creating An Ideal Future…A Spoken Word

glittery wormhole in space
Brian Hogan

The idea of an ideal future appeals to me greatly. Ideal in the sense that is the best one possible.  

Who doesn’t want the best thing possible. Its probable to say perhaps everyone wants the best of all possibilities

But what happens when possibilities seems to be drowned out by inevidibilities

Like government control 

Or heart disease

Or a heavy far too humid breeze 

Or a mandated hiring freeze 

Is disaster inevitable or is the way to circumvent it possible, but ineffable? 

Ideal futures are ideally the new present moments. In creating a future a paradox emerges because the only time we have available to create this future with is the present.  The now moment.  

But the now moment, at first glance, seems anything but ideal. 

I deal with back pain

You deal with mourning and loss

The globe deals with war and weather and our intractable failure to finally come together 

100 years ago we had a new deal 

Now they want to give us a green new deal

So I don’t know what we do from here, I don’t know how to deal, how to feel, how to break the seal on my fear and 

Start creating that ideal future that I say I hold so dear

How do we ideally open to new ideas when there is 

Such weight to our human disaster 

And suffering always comes after 

And seems to be coming faster and faster 

Our problems won’t be solved with a back room deal or getting an unconstitutional act repealed 

Its going to have something more to do with figuring out how to get healed, and then when you are strong picking up your shield 

So you can walk, protected onto the battle field 

And with nerves steeled and the truth revealed 

You show others how to put down their weapons 

How to break free from their deceptions 

And then, taking a deep breath, you we invite ourselves to a banquet, a feast, a new kind of grand reception.  

I’d rather have a party than a war. 

Ideally, that could be our future, because that would be a really good deal.  

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About Brian

About Brian

Brian is a Writer, Clarity Coach, Filmmaker and Adjunct Professor who loves teaching and learning, and living in the uncertainty of it all.




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