A Dream Come True

lights in a bottle
Brian Hogan

The prompt was “A Dream Come True” which had me suddenly grappling with my lofty dreams up close against my sometimes mundane realities day to day. I coach people through this, yet here I am, struggling to find my balance while I dare to tip toe ever forward toward my wildly improbable future.

Dreaming almost sometimes seems to make it even harder to be in the present moment because it is utterly droll by comparison to our whimsical, detailed, dreams which hold all the promise of our perpetual and gratifying fulfillment.

I’m still learning how to navigate the world while navigating with my heart instead of my head or my automatic programmed responses.

We had three minutes on the clock and this is what came out.

Thanks for reading. -Brian


Dreams are real but the coming true is a cliche

At least that’s what all the people say 

Are they the ones who never try

And pile up regrets and cigarettes before they die?

Or did they try and try and just utterly fail? 

And so dreams coming true makes their mind flail 

Or are they just on the verge of a dream coming true 

And stopping now would be crazy, like walking in glue

Just one more step, keep lifting up that shoe

Keep walking, keep dreaming, perhaps that’s the way through. 

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About Brian

About Brian

Brian is a Writer, Clarity Coach, Filmmaker and Adjunct Professor who loves teaching and learning, and living in the uncertainty of it all.


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