An Intimate Longing…

two horses cuddling
Brian Hogan

WRITING PROMPT: Write about something you want so badly. What is it? How does it feel?

Good emotionally connected sex with a person I feel completely safe with, at home in, and who’s skin electrifies mine. 

And not just the sex, but the short-hand familiarity that comes from years in each others mind caverns and soft arms. 

It goes by many names, but I’ll call it intimacy. 

How does it feel? Alluring and terrifying. 

Seductive and destructive 

and realizing I don’t know how to cultivate it has been instructive. 

It feels exciting but out of reach, like when you see a movie filmed in your hometown but what you really want to be is a movie star. It kinda scratches the itch, but like poison sumac the scratching calls fourth more itching 

Until I’m nursing my blue balls and won’t stop bitching 

About a connection that could be so enriching 

If the thought of it didn’t leave me stitching 

The seams on a broken heart 

That’s all but fallen apart, but not from being run into the ground, but being neglected, like a childhood toy that rots under the porch while nobody on earth even cares or remembers its there. 

I hide behind the excuse of neglect

Because I don’t have the courage to correct 

A trauma that keeps me from being able to select 

A mate who matches my resonance 

So I wither away in hesitance 

As misogynists become presidents 

Or should be in an assisted living residence 

But I digress

I went off topic 

Because the subject of my love life is so myopic 

Couldn’t we just margarita, or something else tropic?

I had my heart of my sleeve, 

but’s its time to retire 

So I take now my leave, 

unless you’ve found me a buyer? 

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About Brian

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